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Volautomatische kistenvuller

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The modules can be coupled and decoupled easily to create the ideal setup needed at any given time. This is what makes this machine so versatile and flexible. The machine is easy to move. Thanks to the self-centring catching system which is located in the same place on each module, one person can move and couple the different modules using a forklift truck.

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product-friendly & fills fast

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  • Capacity: 120 boxes p/h
  • Uniform filling
  • No waste cone
  • Modular + Standalone

  • Capacity: 120 Boxes P/H
  • Standard size: standard size: 1600 x 1200 x 1350 mm (L x W x H)- adjustable to each box size
  • Collapsed height: 3750 mm
  • Filling conveyor width: 1000 mm

product-friendly & fills fast

Rotate & empty boxes in 1 module.

Box rotator module

The box rotator module is designed to provide versatility: fully automatic rotation, unloading and tilting to a set angle.

This facilitates fully automatic box rotation using the stacking and destacking module. Stacking two or three boxes simultaneously presents no problem. Or place two boxes in a stacking module that has already been filled. So, no need for the forklift driver to wait for loading and unloading.

More information
  • Remote control: easy, handy remote control;
  • Feed/discharge conveyors: roller conveyors, power-driven or not, provide extra buffer capacity;
  • Discharge valves: emptying boxes.

  • Capacity 120 boxes p/h
  • Empty capacity: 60 boxes p/h
  • Standard size: 1600 x 1200 x 1350 mm (L x W x H) – adjustable to other sizes
  • Machine dimensions: 2400 x 2400 x 3800 (L x W x H)
  • Empty out: Under machine

Rotate & empty boxes in 1 module.

Unloading without drop height

Even Flow discharge

Combine with the box rotator module to load boxes quickly and without harming the product. The large volume in the Even flow discharge means that a complete box can be emptied in one go. The Even flow discharge transforms an irregular feed flow into a regular one.

De EvenFlow uitvoer verandert een onregelmatige aanvoer in een regelmatige.

Meer informatie
  • Unloading without drop height
  • Even discharge
  • In combination with Box rotator module
  • High capacity

  • Filling capacity: 60 boxes p/h
  • Outfeed width: 1480 mm
  • Collapsed height: 1675 mm
  • Expanded height: 1240 mm (min)
  • Machine dimensions: 3000x2000x1700 mm (lxbxh)

Unloading without drop height

Tilter for filling and emptying

Filling along wide crate side

With a relatively low filling height of 2.6 metres and a wide filling conveyor of 1.3 metres, you can fill the box in layers with speeds of 55 to 100 boxes per hour

In combination with different feeding systems, the machine is suitable for various products such as potatoes, onions, onion sets, carrots, etc.

The machine can be equipped with buffers that can go up to 1 tonne. This gives a margin of up to three minutes for performing work other than steering the forklift. The work can be performed safer and the risk of errors is low.

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  • Remote control: easy, handy remote control
  • Feed/discharge conveyors
  • Power-driven or not
  • Provide extra buffer capacity

  • Filling capacity: 55 – 100 boxes p/h
  • Empty capacity: 60 boxes p/h
  • Standard size: : 1600 x 1200 x 1350 mm (L x W x H) – adjustable to other sizes
  • Machine dimensions: 2250 x 2400 x 2300 (L x W x H)
  • Collapsed height: ± 2500 mm
  • Filling conveyor width: 1300 mm

Tilter for filling and emptying

Minimum forklift waiting time


High speeds can be achieved and forklift downtime can be used efficiently by continuously filling the weighing bunkers. 100 tonnes p/h is feasible.

The means virtually continuous supply. The double BoxFilr has two filling bunkers equipped with weighing cells. When a bunker is full, the conveyor switches and the other bunker will be filled. The forklift places the box under the bunker, the flaps open and as soon as the box lowers, it fills up. The forklift drives away and picks up the next box. This minimises the downtime and ensures that the driver uses his time to the full.

More information
  • Battery for added convenience
  • Filling with a forklift
  • Uniform weight based crate filling
  • Lean technology

  • Capacity: 50 tot 70 boxes p/h
  • Standard size: 1600x1200x1250 mm (lxbxh)
  • Machine dimensions: 4750x1500x min.2700-max. 3800 (lxbxh)
  • Collapsed height: 3850 mm
  • Filling conveyor width: 800 mm

Minimum forklift waiting time

maximum power, minimum effort.


Monofilr is VHM’s most compact BoxFilr. Pure power that processes 40 - 50 tonnes p/h standalone. The affordable powerhouse offers the typical advantages - minimum drop height, high speed, ease-of-use and extra Big Bag Container option - for less than half the price.

The Monofilr is extremely easy to use and minimises box handling. The compact BoxFlir saves you for forklift movements per box, and increases safety and the workflow.

The boxes are filled by weight. This creates the distinctive airy product distribution feature of the box, which facilitates faster drying during storage.

An extremely solid design in accordance with industrial standards. The Monofilr has a low number of rotating parts, making it extremely stable and virtually fault-free. The Monofilr is easy to move.

Meer informatie
  • Compact
  • Ease-of-use
  • Sponge rubber and stainless steel cover

  • Capacity: 40-50 boxes p/h
  • Standard size: 1900x1200x1350 mm (lxbxh) – adjustable to other sizes
  • Machine dimensions: 1400x2000x2400 mm (lxbxh)
  • Collapsed height: 3200 mm
  • Filling conveyor width: 1000 mm

maximum power, minimum effort.

Fills Big Bags in no time

Big Bag Container

This simple extra option changes any VHM BoxFilr into a Big Bag filler.

Easy and affordable, double your BoxFilr’s performances. High speeds and clever production distribution enables you to use the Big Bag Container to put any forklift to optimal use.

Meer informatie
  • Electric
  • Hydraulic
  • Or mechanical

  • Capacity: 20/30 Big Bags p/h
  • Machine dimensions: 4750 x 1500 x min. 2700 min. - 3800 mm (L x W x H)

Fills Big Bags in no timeFills Big Bags in no timeFills Big Bags in no time